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Thank you for taking the Athlete Nutrition Quiz!  Please check your email for your results.

If you scored 1-2 points: Improvement is Needed

It’s important for an athlete to get the proper protein and nutrition so that they have the energy they need to perform well. Cut out food that has a lot of sugar, and make sure your athlete gets protein from things like nuts, peanut butter, and chicken. They need complex carbohydrates from meals like pasta, sandwiches, burritos, and other foods that combine veggies, carbs, and protein. Make sure they’re getting water before and after games/practice. For good snacks, pack fruits, vegetables, and trail mix.
If you scored 3-4 points: You aren’t doing bad but there is room for improvement.

You did pretty well, but there are holes in your athlete’s diet that could be improved. Here are some tips for making sure they get all the nutrition they need.

A couple of hours before the game give your athlete complex carbohydrates like pasta, sandwiches, peanut butter, and veggies. After the game make sure they have a full, substantial meal with all the food groups! Snacks like nuts, pretzels, and fruit are great throughout the day.

If you scored 5 points: You’re doing great!

You scored well on this quiz. Remember to always prioritize your athlete’s nutritional intake with vegetables, fruit, healthy protein, and complex carbohydrates.